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Your Individual Treatment Plan at Aesthetic Dental Center

Typically, dental cases are fairly simple and straightforward. The goal is always to execute an outstanding level of care through the use of only one treatment method to achieve a desired treatment outcome. Some common dental procedures include applying braces, tooth extractions, and placing dental implants.

However, things are not always that simple. Some complex cases require a multi-tiered treatment approach for achieving a single outcome so that your dental health is improved and your smile is enhanced. In cases like these, your dentist will be working with you to develop a plan that lays out every step needed to achieve your needs and goals.

At Aesthetic Dental Center of Rockland County, we often deal with dental cases that require the development and execution of a multi-layered plan that results in the desire treatment outcome. Let's take a look at how we work with you to create, determine and prioritize all individual steps needed to comprehensively address all of your dental problems.

Diagnosing Complex Issues

To come up with a solid treatment plan for your unique situation, we must first provide a comprehensive and proper diagnosis. To achieve this, we have assembled cutting-edge dental technologies that allow us to properly diagnose all of your dental complaints and issues toward developing a comprehensive treatment plan to solve the problems that you are having.

Initial Consultation

As a patient, you are an active partner in your dental care. To develop a treatment plan that works for you, we must first meet with you and consider your input so that we fully understand the current state of your oral health. Part of this is achieved by undergoing a comprehensive dental exam. Your mouth, teeth, and gums will be completely examined so that we can spot any problems, often before you realize it yourself.

Normally, a dental exam is accompanied by a dental cleaning in which your dental hygienist will be scraping away plaque and tartar from your teeth for the prevention of tooth decay or gum disease.

Treatment Plan Stages

A multifaceted treatment approach means that we must take each step independently before moving on to the next one. So we're looking at your entire situation comprehensively so that each step is taken care of in order. Failing to complete each step in order could cause problems down the road.

We recognize that expense is one factor in the development of your treatment plan. Everyone has a different financial situation and different insurance plans. As we formulate your individual plan, we take into account the costs of each step so that you understand the expense involved every step of the way from the very beginning.

Let's Get Started

Every beautiful smile starts with a plan. No matter how challenging and complex your dental needs are, Aesthetic Dental Center is ready to formulate a comprehensive plan to effectively assist you in achieving your goals. Please contact us today to schedule your appointment or consultation so that we can begin helping you enhance your oral health and smile.

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