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If you've ever had a severe toothache, you know how insistent the dull, throbbing pain can be. This is one of a number of situations in which you would require emergency dentistry care. Let's take a look at some other examples that may have you seeking the care of an emergency dentist.

Loosened Tooth

Your teeth should be firmly anchored within your mouth if you have a full set of adult teeth. So if you experience a loose tooth, this is definitely a cause for concern. Such teeth can become loose due to situations like trauma involving vigorous physical activities like sports. Or you may have periodontal disease that has destroyed some gum tissue and bone that was anchoring your tooth in place.

So, in short: A loose tooth definitely needs to be looked into. You should immediately contact your dentist to arrange for emergency care in this situation.

Severe Pain

The last thing that we want is for our patients to be in extreme pain due to problems with their teeth or gums. If you find that you are in severe pain due to oral issues, please contact us immediately so that we can provide rapid pain relief. We can then look into your situation to develop an appropriate treatment to resolve the issue.

Aching or Bleeding Gums

It is not unusual to experience some minor bleeding following overzealous brushing or flossing. However, if this becomes a regular occurrence, it is a cause for concern. This may be an indication of the early development of gum disease or gingivitis. Whenever you experience bleeding of the gums that is chronic, excessive, and may leave your gums aching, these are definite red flags, as these are typical warning signs of gum disease.

If you are already practicing proper brushing and flossing at home, you have gone a long way in preventing the development of gum disease. But if your gums are aching or swelling, we need you to visit us to determine what is behind it. Detecting gum disease in its early stages is critical to keeping your gums and teeth both healthy and intact. The untreated symptoms of gum disease can eventually lead to a point of no return. This condition develops in stages, and you should be able to get your teeth and gums back onto track with treatment for periodontal disease.

Canker Sores

Canker sores are a type of minor lesion that forms in the mouth, with a typical white spot appearance. These can become easily irritated by foods in your mouth like salty food or foods containing a lot of acid. The only time that the presence of canker sores is concerning is if they linger or grow infected.

If you should develop an open sore in your mouth that isn't healing properly, contact us so that we can look into it. However, in most cases canker sores are not an immediate concern.

Tooth Abscess 

Tooth decay involves the destruction of the outer layers of your tooth. Left untreated, the decay can reach the inner pulp of a tooth. This is the living tissue at the heart of every tooth, which contains nerves and blood vessels. If decay has reached here, you will definitely know it. You will be an extreme pain.

A tooth abscess can cause the loss of a tooth, so it is a very serious situation that requires immediate care. If you suspect your tooth is abscessed, reach out for emergency dental care. In fact, experiencing dental pain is almost always a reason for visiting an emergency dentist.

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The caring and professional dental team at Aesthetic Dentistry of Rockland County is trained and prepared to treat any type of emergency dental situation that may arise. If you are experiencing severe pain from a toothache, have a loose tooth, or any other emergency situation, please contact us right away so that we can provide pain relief and treat the condition.

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