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Endodontics in Rockland County

At Aesthetic Dentistry of Rockland County, we are committed to providing a wide range of services and procedures to protect your teeth and safeguard your oral health. We want you to retain your natural teeth whenever possible, which sometimes requires endodontics.

When should you see a general dentist for a root canal?

Whenever you experience tooth pain, you need to get it looked into as quickly as possible. Not only will you feel better with pain relief, you will probably save your tooth. Some people actually fear visiting a dentist or endodontist, but procedures like root canals should not cause worry or fear. When it comes to providing pain relief, Dr. Petlyuk can often have you feeling better and resuming daily activities right away.

If you are suffering from tooth pain or sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures in your mouth, you may need to see a dentist to check out the situation. Or if you have been hurt in an accident in which you underwent facial trauma or are experiencing swelling around your face, teeth or gums, make an endodontics appointment that day. Procrastinating will likely make the situation much worse and may lead to the necessity for complicated and expensive dental care down the road.

What kinds of procedures is endodontics concerned with?

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry involved with performing root canal procedures, as well as various types of oral surgery. They also help to deal with traumatic dental injuries whenever they occur. 

What is a root canal procedure?

A root canal procedure helps to save a tooth that is severely infected. When tooth decay progresses enough, it eventually reaches the inner part of the tooth known as the dental pulp. Unlike the outer, hard portions of your tooth, the dental pulp is soft, living tissue that is home to numerous nerves and blood vessels that support your tooth. Once infection has reached here, you may wind up losing that tooth.

During a root canal procedure, your general dentist will remove any tooth decay and debris from the inner portions of your tooth. They will then fill up this empty space with a special filling material to prevent further damage to your tooth.

Most root canal procedures end with the placement of a dental crown. The crown caps the tooth that underwent the root canal. A root canal actually weakens a tooth making it more susceptible to fracture. Getting a crown helps to strengthen the tooth and lower the odds of this happening.

After Root Canal Therapy

Following your root canal treatment procedure, as your anesthesia is wearing off, sensation will begin returning. It is normal to experience a degree of sensitivity or tenderness in the area while you are healing. Most patients are able to reduce discomfort or sensitivity through the use of over-the-counter pain relieving medications. In the case of more severe pain, other medications can be provided.

If your pain should linger for several days after root canal therapy, this may be an indication of an underlying issue that requires investigation. In this situation, we would recommend that you return for an examination so that we can provide treatment options.

Root canal procedures normally only involve two dental visits for completion. The second one is needed for the placement of a restorative dental crown to strengthen the tooth that will have been weakened somewhat by the root canal procedure. In this case, we would have formed an impression during your first visit to construct a crown. In the meantime, we would place a temporary filling to protect your tooth.

It is important to realize that your temporary filling is weaker than a permanent crown, leading to the risk of a fracture. We definitely don't want that to happen. For this reason, you need to be gentle with it until your permanent restoration is ready. Avoid placing excessive force on this tooth. It may help to chew only on the other side of your mouth. You should also avoid biting down on sticky or very hard foods that could lead to the risk of developing a fracture.

Your Endodontics Consultation

If you require the care of a dentist for root canals, help is available. Feel free to contact the office of Aesthetic Dentistry of Rockland County today to schedule your endodontics consultation.

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