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It happens. You are out playing sports with your friends or family, and a tooth gets knocked loose. Or a tooth is compromised due to decay or illness. Your wisdom teeth may be impacted. Whatever the case may be, occasionally a tooth becomes so damaged that it must be removed.

At Aesthetic Dentistry of Rockland County, our experienced dental team has the training necessary to safely extract teeth and offer aftercare needed to help you completely recover and regain the function, health and beauty of your smile. Here is some information about tooth extractions and what is involved.


When you have an adult tooth extracted, it is normal to experience some bleeding, even when stitches are needed. Our dental team will offer you gauze pads that can be placed in the area to help minimize bleeding and promote blood clotting.

Normally, you should leave this gauze in place for about four hours after your tooth extraction. Change it out when needed. Keep in mind that it is normal for a blood clot to form in the area. You must take care that it remains intact so that your recovery is not hindered. Avoid vigorous rinsing, smoking, and drinking through a straw until 24 hours have passed after your extraction.

After your extraction, you will be provided with pain-relieving medication to help minimize any discomfort that you may experience. You can also apply a cold compress to the side of your face to help relieve swelling.

Lastly, take care to get plenty of rest so that your body has time to heal. You should take it easy for a couple of days after your extraction. You can raise your head on pillows whenever you are resting to help reduce bleeding.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The wisdom teeth typically become evident when you are between the ages of 17 and 21. These teeth are not actually required by modern humans and lead to a number of problems for many people. For this reason, they may need to be removed.

Sometimes wisdom teeth are not evident because they are coming in at an unusual position or angle. We can determine the presence of wisdom teeth with the use of a radiograph if necessary. At times, patients can notice that their wisdom teeth are coming in due to a feeling of dull throbbing or pressure in the back part of their jaws.

Wisdom teeth sometimes become infected because they are difficult to clean due to their position in the mouth. If tooth decay sets in with wisdom teeth, it is normally preferable to have them extracted instead of going through complicated procedures like fillings, root canals are crowns.

Wisdom teeth removal may be indicated due to the presence of a partially erupted tooth that leads to the development of inflammation or infection. This is known as a partially impacted or partially erupted wisdom tooth.

Wisdom Teeth: Warning Signs

Periodontitis is a common warning sign that a wisdom tooth extraction may become necessary. This may occur when there is insufficient space for all of the teeth. The symptoms of infection are the presence of red, swollen gums, a bad taste in the mouth, or pain when biting in the area.

What to Expect After a Tooth Extraction

Once the initial 24 hours have passed after tooth extraction, you may begin gradually resuming normal activity. A saltwater solution can be used to gently rinse your mouth. Smoking and alcohol intake should be abstained to prevent an open socket.

Stick to eating soft foods for a few days after your extraction. Foods like soup, Jell-O, yogurt, pudding and mashed potatoes are fine. While you are healing, avoid hard foods that could harm the area that is healing.

Most patients recover within a few days, while others may take up to two weeks to completely heal from the procedure. Take note of any abnormal symptoms that could indicate infection. Contact us if you should experience symptoms such as:

Nausea or vomiting

Swelling and redness

Fever and chills

Abnormal discharge

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